Tuftane Extrusion Technologies, Inc. is a custom Film Extrusion company. We specialize in manufacturing and private labeling of filmsHeat Seal adhesive films, Waterproofing Tapes, and sheets.

Tuftane's extruders and laminators are capable of coating customers' fabric, paper, liner or other substrates.  In addition, our blown extrusion line can produce films as thin as 1 mil and as wide as 75 inches.

Our extrusion team has decades of experience in formulating and manufacturing polyurethane, polyester, polyamide and polyolefin films, sheets and adhesives.

 Applications include:

  • Heatseal adhesive films
  • Coated fabrics
  • Seam sealing tapes
  • Industrial films
  • Sheets
  • Elastic films

Situated in the city of Fall River, Massachusetts, we welcome clients all over the world to work hands on with our product development chemists in order to achieve desired results.

At Tuftane, we pride ourselves in our quality work, efficiency and innovation. This allows us to manufacture products for private labeling as well as develop custom made products. Thus, whether you are looking for a place to manufacture your extruded products or develop specialty ones, trust Tuftane with your business.

Tuftane ETI
Phone:  (978) 921-8200
Fax: (978) 921-8209
Email: sales@tuftaneeti.com
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