Tuftane Series

Tuftane Heat Sealable Adhesives Series 1xx to 5xx

Polyesters,  polyurethanes, polyolefins, polyamides.    All are custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.   Unique  adhesion characteristics such as: ability to bond a low surface energy surface to a high surface energy surface,  ability to bond at room temperature yet withstand high service temperatures,  ability to bond to mylar, copper, glass, etc. 

This pyramid tank, constructed of a laminated Tuftane film, is used for gasoline and non-potable water.

Tuftane 100 Series - Excellent U.V. light stability with a full range of properties. Includes medical and optically clear grades.

Tuftane 300 Series - Good general purpose product. Includes films with medium and high slip, added protection for limited U.V. exposure, lower melt point adhesive grades films and a flame retardant film.

Tuftane 400 Series - Polyurethanes with excellent hydrolysis and fungus resistance, superior softness and drape, low temperature flexibility and resistance to acid or caustic degradation. Good abrasion resistance and elongation. Includes film with medium slip and flame retardant film.

Tuftane 700 Series - High performance, tough, hard polyester films with superior resistance to petroleum products, especially at low and elevated temperatures. Includes films with varying degrees of hardness and chemical resistance.

Tuftane 800 Series - Polyester polyurethanes rated acceptable for use under FDA regulations 175, 105, 177, 1680 and 177.2600 and only in certain colors.

Direct contact with meat/poultry in processing or storage areas under federal inspection. Includes films with different hardness and physicals.



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