Urethane Films

Our Urethane films deliver exceptional, performance and versatility!

Urethane film up to 125 Mil., 72" width
• 500 lb minimum. Up to 32"
• 1000 lb minimum. Up to 72"
• Trial Runs of Extrudable Resin
   (No PVC)

Exceptional Toughness, Strength and Elasticity -Tuftane film can be stretched four to six times its length and exhibits excellent elastic properties.

Durability - Certain Tuftane film and sheet products retain their unique properties even with long-term aging and outdoor exposure

Excellent Resistance -Tuftane products stand up to abrasion, puncture, tear and impact, and resist many gasses, liquids and chemicals, both petroleum and water based.

Wide Temperature Service -Tuftane film offers excellent performance properties over a wide range of temperatures, remaining flexible from 100 ºF to well over 300 ºF in certain applications (-73 ºC to 149 ºC)

Attractive Appearance - Tuftane is available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors and finishes, from full gloss to low sheen, including Matte I and II finishes on film of 10 mils and greater.

Other Special Properties - Controlled gas and moisture vapor permeability as well as predictable and controlled surface tension (slip) vary with the needs of the application.

Fabricating Versatility -Tuftane can be die cut, embossed and thermally, adhesively or flame-laminated to itself or other materials, and it can be vacuum or thermal-formed and heat-sealed.

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